Splitting a polygon

I am trying to find a way to split this polygon. It may be obvious to many but I am not sure how to do this in Blender. I am not actually asking for triangulation, since triangulation will choose a direction I might not want. What I want is manually splitting by going from one vertex to another. Some kind of knife tool maybe. I thought “split” would do the job, but that creates a seperate “edge” object.

Anyways I would appreciate any help.


After messing around little bit I think I figured the problem. Normally if you have a orderly fgon, “f” can split a face if you have 2 vertices selected. If the fgon has nonmanifold or overlapping underlying edges , that basic premise of splitting does not work. ANyways those kinds of polygons need to be recreated which actually sux :frowning: Quite a work around to slice a polygon.

I guess my second question is that is there a script that can reorder those fgons so they have better vert orders maybe?

I’m not sure I understand what you want exactly, but maybe this is what you want: Simply select “k”>“knife (exact)”, drag a line between the two verts, and press enter. This should create a new edge between the two verts.

Hope it helped
/ Mats

Mats, I actually tried that but I never got snappy results. All my verts were little off from the intended vertices. Maybe I should have snapping on or something?

Holding down Ctrl will cause the knife tool to snap to vertices

you are a genius! thanks