Splitting a texture

Hi, I’m trying to create a poster “explosion”. I have a plane with a single texture (image) mapped on it, which I’ve cut to 100 equal parts. I’d like to separate the vertices and animate the new smaller planes so that the poster seems to explode. However, I need the mapped texture remain in its position in each individual split plane as seen to the complete poster - the larger plane where the texture is correct. Now, when I separate the vertices from the larger plane, they need to be remapped individually and that just is too much work…

Is there a way to crop the texture so that only the original xy coordinates of the original texture would remain?



Almost the same question as the above thread and I’d also suggest the Build Modifier. You can set the Plane as a SoftBody and use Wind to make it ‘explode’.


Thanks a lot, I’ll do some digging right now.

mentioned this on irc already, but thought to mention here too that what seemed to be needed was setting UVs to the faces first, then separating and using the UV tex input mapping for the parts.

being a newb isn’t easy… but finally found the UV procedure and have succesfully managed to separate with UV info intact, thanks guys!