Splitting a UV map

I was wondering if it is possible to split a UV map without splitting an object in Blender i.e. splitting a full body meshes map into legs hips etc. and how?

You can use seams around the areas that you want separated. Then when you unwrap it, they will all be separate sections. You may need to tweak them a bit afterwards, but it does work.


That wasn’t quite what I meant. I meant more splitting the image files ie having an imge with hips a seperate image with boots etc. for use in exporting to a game. However thank you for your time.


There´s two ways of doing that. First you have to do what BgDM said, and then:

  1. Make two or more layouts in the same UV layer. That would result in an overlapping Layout. Then assign different Material ID according to the layout. That way you can have different bitmaps applied to different parts of the body.

Take a look at BlenderArt Magazine´s issue number 13. Look for The Making of the Dance of the Bashful Dwarf article. There, I explain how I textured the dwarf with this same technique.

The drawback of using different material IDs is that you lose the possibility of usinf Sub Surf Scattering, as Blender will calculate Scattering for each material separately and ´´scattering seams´´ will show up

So, I worked on a new method of doing this without losing SSS.

  1. Create as many UV Layers as Layouts (or bitmaps) you will use.
    Then prepare each layout with the UVs that correspond to that bitmap. As you may guess, each layout will have unwanted or unused faces. For example, if you have a Legs layout, all the body, head and arms faces will be unused. So, you may scale all the way down these unwanted faces and put them in an empty space of the layout. You then paint the Legs texture. And finally you erase Alpha from the section of the bitmap that corresponds to the unwanted faces.
    In the texture options you enable Alpha, so that the texture is transparent in the unwanted faces. Then, in the Map Input Layout you assign the texture its corresponding UV Layer, in this case the Legs UV layer.

Repeat all these with the other layouts and you´ll be able to texture your character with various High definition textures all at once in the same material.


Thank you. Not having sub surface scattering was not a problem as the game I am editing for is an old one. Sorry about the slowness of my reply, I’m being rushed off my feet by work for several projects (i.e. animating for movie battles http://www.moviebattles.com/forums/)