Splitting and Viewing Questions

I have 2 probably simple questions (not related):

  1. When I split some geometry off of an object in Edit mode, how can I make it a new object? As of now it separated but only in Edit view, so when I apply a material they both (these two new objects) inherit the same properties.

  2. When you create a model, you can cycle thru the various views and turn off perspective (5), this helps for selecting vertices etc. But, what if I rotate an object, and it’s in a weird angle, I’d like to view it straight on so I may better edit and select… since I’ve rotated the object it’s no longer faced up with the various straight-on views. Is there any way to view your model straight on? As of now I try to line of my view manually so I can do so.


  1. In edit mode, select vertices to separate and hit P-key.
    You don’t have to separate parts to apply different material, just select faces, create new material and assign. Unless you need them separated.
    2.Numpad keys :
    1 - front view
    2 - side view
    3 - top view
    with Ctrl - opposite views.
    And take a look at Blender Wiki pages.


I was wondering if when splitting in Edit Mode, how can I take that split geometry and make it a separate object.

In regards to the views, I got that, that’s very basic. I’m talking about rotating and tweaking your shape, hence no longer able to view straight on… if there was a way to see straight on views after rotation, maybe a straight on view from the view of the center point. Not sure if this exists, or if I’m making sense.

In edit mode after P-key you’ll get separated object.

Sorry about views - some misreading on my side.
In edit mode you can use numpad ’ * ’ to align view to selection or Shift-V to select view of your selection.
You can use normal orientation ( Alt-Space ) or create custom orientation ( CtrlShift-C ) to easier manipulation.
If you are to rotate object in object mode it’s good manner to create linked copy ( Alt-D ) of object and keep it non transformed ( here - rotated ) in different layer - then you can modify it according to world axes.

OK, for some reason just hitting “P” made it a separate object. Not sure what I did before but it made a separate geometry yet still part of the same object.

Thanks for the shortcut views, worked like a charm. Great idea about ALT+D an object and putting it on another layer for alterations.

I could not use ALT+SPACE because I’m using Linux and the OS is using that shortcut for a window shortcut. Is there a menu equivalent?
Thanks so much you’ve sped up my work-flow by 100%!

There is toolbar menu in 3d View window :


Right on man! Learning so much. Here’s the updated kitchen picture, thanks for helping me progress.

I’m using a SubSurf modifier (on the faucet and sink, and oven handle). Is it safe to not have to apply it? The only modifier I apply, so far at least, is the Mirror modifier.

Also, let’s say I have a cylinder and it’s cut in half. Two halfs facing each other. The facing parts are open/not closed geometry. They are part of the same object, so in Edit Mode, can I select those two open ends (either vertex or edge) and combine them (even if edges are drawn between the 2 open faces).

Sorry for all the questions.

Thanks again!


If I understand well, you sholud use F-key and choose Skin Faces/Edge Loops to fill two vert loops. After that you may need to recalculate normals Ctrl-N.
If I missed something just post screenshot.

Thanks again, that worked like a charm!