Splitting Indigo rendering?

I’ve been thinking about using Indigo after seeing some veeeeery nice renders made on it. My problem is rendering time. I want to use ResPower to do bigger better renders, but they have a maximum of 90 minutes per render.

My thought: Can I have Indigo or Blender split one render into multiple ‘pieces’, rendered seperately, and then somehow auto-assemble them into big renders again? If so, I can actually experiment with Indigo animations

Looks like Indigo has an option to do “Region Rendering”. This should be part of Blendigo 1.0.8. I did a search on the indigo forum and found people talking about using it, but no How to thread. However, I did not read every thread with “Region Rendering” in it, so I may just have missed it.

I believe that Indigo has a slave and master node render system. I haven’t tried it but it would appear that you can start one indigo in master node and all other subsequent indigo clients on the same network ‘should’ seek out the master and assist in the computation of that one frame. I’ve not had the chance to test this out yet but that’s one way to approach getting the best render out of your 90mins (which I must confess is somewhat a short period of time for a real render).

indigo animations ?
Forget that man ! :no:

For stills, with respower you have an option to split your renders, so each tile would calculate 90 minutes. :spin:
The limit with respower is the ram, 2 gigs !

Edit :

You cant tile your indigo renders, but you can make region rendering, shift-b, directly from blender with blendigo.