Splitting mesh at edges

Hi, I want to do something that seems should be easy, but I haven’t figured out how to do it. I have a mesh, I just want to split the mesh in two along an edge without deleting anything, basically so I have a new edge on top of the other. Kind of like if I had a piece of cloth and just took scissors to it.

I tried the knife tool, but that just seems to make new edges across a polygon. I thought maybe duplicate, but then the new edge won’t be connected to anything, will it?

Anyway, whatever input you can give me is appreciated.

Select the piece of the mesh you want separated, and I think “y” should split them apart =)
If you want it to be a separate object, “p”.

I think that is what you are looking for anyway.

“Y” doesn’t do it, it creates a submesh, whatever that is–like a new edge, but it’s not attached to the original mesh. P didn’t work either–I don’t want a new object, because parts of the mesh should still be attached to each other.

Thanks, though, those were things I tried, too.

Would using “v” on an edge, and then right clicking, canceling any movement, get the job done?

hope this is what you mean…

sorry double post

I figured it out;
Select the edges where you want to have it cut. Your edges should have a closed loop. To be sure you can mark it as a seam, but that is not necessary. With these edges selected go to Mesh>Edges (Ctr E)>Edge split.
Then change to Face (Ctrl Tab) and select on of the faces on a side and type Crl L to select linked faces.
It selects the half part of the mesh. Then type P and confirm Separate Selection.

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Some tips, in case you haven’t seen those yet:

You can ensure that with Alt-LMB klick on an edge (loop select) in vertex or face selection mode. Shift-Alt-LMB adds to the selection.

Ctrl-L works in all selection modes, you shouldn’t have to switch.

This is now Mesh > Split (ALT M) > Faces by edges.