splitting objects by vertex group

I have a model with 6 objects which contain a large number of vertices devided in 3 named groups each. (Each vertex is only part of 1 group)
Is there a fast way to split up each object in such a way that each groups of vertices becomes an individual object. (so that I will end up with 18 object instead of just 6)?
Thank you in advance.

PS: the reason I am asking this has to do with the programming platform for which I am using this model

in edit mode look at the edit menu for assigning the vertex groups, from there you can select by group…

after you have the desired group selected press Y to split it…
or you can press P to make a new object from the selection…

In edit mode, you select each vertex group and press the p key (separate). It will give you options to separate by selected, material or loose parts.

[edit] mmph! beat me to it.

Thanks for your help.
It worked great ! :slight_smile: