Splitting up an object

I built an object out of multiple boxes (they don’t look like they used of course) and now I want to take one part (the roof) and add a modifier to it to keep it from looking so much like a rectangle. Anyway, what I need to do is apply the modifier to one part of the mesh, but not the rest. How can I split up the mesh into two objects (there not parent and child, they were all made in the same edit mode) (knowing how to apply a modifier to part of a mesh would be helpful, but I don’t think you can, plus I really need to know how to divide a mesh into two objects.)

If what you want to is make a selection of vertices into a serparate object then the all you ahve to do is select the vertices you want to break off and press P and select “selected” from the menu that pops up

Thanks! :slight_smile: