Splotchy ground in Yafray with HDRI world map

Heya folks! Really quick question, how can I reduce the splotchiness of the ground in this image? It’s produced with Yafray using full global illumination and a world map HDRI probe. When I tried MentalRay’s GI increasing the photon count would do it. I’m using 400,000 photons tho and it’s still well nasty.

Thanks in advance lads!


increase ‘Full GI’ quality

Heya Alvaro, thanks for the reply. I’ve tried upgrading even to “higher” but there’s no significant removal of the splotchiness :frowning:

Also tried Best, no dice.

maybe has something to do with this:


Turn off the “cache” button. Renders take an enormous amount of time, but it cleaned up the ground :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into it, the Yafray wiki link will come in handy too, ta!

I tried the prefiltering too, that’s an even better, higher speed solution! Thanks again.