*Spoiler Alert* Has anyone seen .. Prometheus....I have..

If you have seen this movie…then what do you think? I think this was the best in the Alien series only that it has a plot…Please, what do you think?

Where is the spoiler? xD Well, the original series was much better - all this new cg and 3d stuff or 3d films in cinema and remakes -

If other people comment saying the bit when… and at the end when…

Ratings? I might go and see it. :slight_smile:

It was OK. dont’ regret seeing it, but wouldn’t have missed it if I hadn’t. It did have the most developed plot but it was too convoluted… too much philosophical banter and too many monsters – the black stuff hyper mutating the scientist – the snakes – the squid — the engineers – then the xenomorph. Who is the bad guy and who was the guy at the beginning.

visuals – excellent

story – good concept, poor execution

Why they call it Prometheus instead Alien 1 ???
And I didn’t like it. It is a “shoot all you see moving” movie, that has the goal of desensitizing people about violence. All controlled movies have that goal: installing in your mind the idea of “you need to fight against the rest of the people instead cooperating with them”. And aliens too of course, they are going to kill you so shoot without even ask when you see them (and what better than show the aliens as doing the same of course!).

I wonder when people will get bored of violence and start to love real movies like Avatar, that was prohibited in China. Do you wonder why? People understood how Nature is being killed. How division is planted on minds, how tricks are used to incite people to want violence. It was a wake up to Humanity.

Frankly, I have become very selective about what movies I see, and Prometheus didn’t make the cut. I simply don’t need to see yet another supposedly-meaingful (sic…) film that is merely stuffed full of video-game-esque proto-violence. I don’t want to watch yet another CG “snakes-and-squids” movie, any more than I e-v-e-r want to watch another movie that features “cute adorable fuzzy creatures with eyes the size of softballs doing cute things.” You cannot win my twenty bucks that easily.

Now, I fully understand that Hollywood is in the business of making a product, and I realize that the product is expensive. But I also realize that Hollywood very rarely produces a product that I actually want to watch. “Philosophical ramblings, just before All Hell Breaks Loose.™” Yawn! Been there, seen that. Y’know, that’s absolutely stock footage by now. “Beethoven comes in spray cans.”

I find myself walking out of many such movies (at the dollar cinema, sometimes long before they’re over…) saying to myself: “If either the bad guy or the good guy actually knew how to aim their sooper-dooper weapons, that show would have been over and done with in thirty seconds flat.” Point. Click. Bang. (Bad|Good) (guy|gal) dead. Game over. Nothing to see here, pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain, move along. Instead, it took 120 minutes and 1,771,561 rounds of super-dooper ammunition to do it.

Trivia tip: What’s special about that seven-digit number?

Prometheus was very fun to watch and worth the money but it has many flaws. Its hard to feel bad for the people that die because we really don’t know them and they basically asked to get killed. For example, when the first two guys go down, why did they approach an alien snake?!. Even with a suit, I wouldn’t approach any kind of snake. Why did Charlie let Meredith kill him? he didn’t know why he was sick. Why did David put that black goo in Charlie’s drink? So many things that were never explained. I hated the scene were Elizabeth gets inside that machine and performs a surgery on herself. That scene was just stupid and then she continues running around for the rest of the movie. They better explain all these questions in the next movie

My first question is when in the beginning the super alien eats something from a cannister. And he gets torn apart…where is he? Is he on Earth or on the planet where they travel to? And if he is on Earth, then how would they have pictographs that depict a huge alien showing the way to the stars? I mean if his DNA has been ripped apart. And why would they point to a world where the First Ones are developing weapons?
As for you who think this is a violent metaphor, well I think of it as a work of fiction and I am trying to understand Ridley’s vision. What he is trying to say. Terrible gooey aliens which just want to munch and reproduce and munch some more?
When I got home I turned on my TV and Bladerunner was on. And I saw some similarities in these movies…Can anyone see that?
Yes, Idh1109 lots of questions.

I haven’t seen it but from review from a “professional” reviewer on TV did mention there were unanswered questions, obviously leading to a another movie at some stage. That’s how they make money. Never mind, when it does come on TV I will probably watch it then and make my own decisions.

@baal The more I think about the movie the more I hate it because it left so many questions unanswered. :mad:
Why did the engineers leave that one guy at the beginning of the movie?
How did all those ancients civilizations know about the engineers?
Did they create the snake/octopus like things, why and how did they lose control of them??!!
Why did that big guy at the end try to kill everyone?
How did that geologist turn into a zombie??!! :mad:
What is David’s secret mission?

I should have expected this since one of the writers of Prometheus was also a writer for the show Lost. Just like Lost, Prometheus was intriguing but frustrating at the same time. I WANT TO KNOW MORE!!

@kbot Its still worth the 10 bucks

Yes, I love this movie because it left so many unanswered questions…The guy in the beginning was sacrificing himself in order to create a new genetic order…
The new genetic order they created …(humans) MADE THEM WANT TO DESTROY THIER PROGENY (HUMANS) BUT WHY?




I loved it. As I knew I would, being a big fan of Alien and Ridley Scott. baal, you have hit the nail on the head. It’s supposed to make you think. I was a bit put off by some of the action, but that’s just for the masses and expected. Over all, I’m going to see it again in a few days!

In my opinion, prometheus is unmatched in it’s visual design on a technical level. It’s severely let down by it’s script that’s all about great ideas with poor execution. It has some memorable moments such as the med-pod scene and some other stuff I really liked:

  • The alien designs were incredible, almost the polar opposite of those cartoonish avatar critters (this might enrage some people but I consider avatar to be the worst thing to have happened to scifi since the starwars prequels)
  • Davids disembodied head was done purely with practical effects as far as I could see. No going crazy with CG.

ldh1109: brace yourself, I’m about to get really nerdy on your ass :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The engineers used their own dna (that guy) to spread some kind of biological agent around the earth to create humans.
  • How they knew about the engineers? I have to hand it to you, this is where the film is very unclear about.
  • All those creatures they created were meant as weapons. They were researching the perfect biological weapon, and to plant it back on earth, however before they could take off something went wrong and they were victim of their own inventions.
  • Engineers are a species much more advanced than humans. They relate to us as we relate to ants. If an ant stands in your way you wont have any problem stepping on it right?
  • Davids reason to infect him are quite simple: during multiple times in the movie it’s referenced that david doesn’t have emotions because he’s an android. Though David indeed lacks any basic human emotions there is something that makes him special: his curiosity. His desire to learn about everything around him, without the concern for the well being of his crewmates. Why he turned into a zombie: Well technically he isnt a zombie, he just mutates into something much more aggressive and violent.

This is how Ive been feeling about it. A lot of things could have been conveyed a lot better, and parts were just silly or nonsensical. One of my major gripes is that the jockey had the chestburster erupt while he was inside the human ship… In the Alien movie hes found sitting in the chair. It could have easily been done this way to match the Alien movie, the space jockey should have woken up, then returned to his ship, started to try to take off again and then the chest burst could have happened. Easy.
There were other problems I had with it, like the needless sacrifice of the 3 guys in the ship. They took hardly any convincing to sacrifice themselves, seemed like no big deal to them really, all smiles and jokes 30 seconds before they killed themselves.
It would have been fine if it was necessary and forced, but it didnt feel that way. It took 3 of them to pilot the thing upwards, turn, and crash into the Jockey’s ship? Idk, seemed like a waste, if I wasnt the captain I would have jumped into one of those escape pods pretty quick. A few extra human survivors would have been good for the sequel as well, more room for character development of characters hardly even shown in the first movie.

Theres all of that, plus a million other questions from a movie where I was expecting more answers tbh. So I came out of it feeling a bit unsure about the whole movie. Having said that though, its been interesting to go over the points, both reading on the net and endlessly discussing with people the questions which arrise.
The main conclusion is that this is ‘part 1’, ie there will be at least one other movie to follow on, maybe two, so hopefully a lot of these questions will be answered.

On the graphics side of it as well, I was somewhat letdown (as I expected to be going in to see the movie).
Dont get me wrong, everything was stunning and top notch CGI, but thats been done before, over and over again. I wanted to see some of the grit and detail present in the Alien movie(s).
Its the little things, like stickers and notes on the screens of the computers in the Alien movie, or the tattered and worn leather seat covers, stuff with history that feels like its in a real universe. The CGI in Prometheus was crisp, super clean and typical for a movie these days, I wanted more grit.

Edit For a summary of most of my other questions about the movie, RedLetterMedia have it all covered (slightly nsfw) -

I haven’t see the movie yet, but from what I read is that even though Prometheus is prequel to Alien movies, it has little to do with it. It is meant to stand on it’s own ground and had its own kind of story.

Yeah I didn’t care for it either.

On a CG note, I saw it in stereo and noticed that the holo screens were flat 2D in wide shots but were in 3D for the close ups. Why would they not fix that?

Very interesting video ldh1109, I was pretty frustrated with what the guy was saying initially, since to me it was a prequel.
But with some of that extra information he provided Ive now shifted my perspective on it all, Prometheus certainly seems like more of a spinoff. It will be interesting to see where the next movie goes, because I think that will pull a lot of these questions together.

The one point Id glazed over however is the fact that Prometheus takes place on a completely different planet/moon. THAT I haddnt realized, and it has a lot of implications including rendering my argument mute about the Jockey not being in the seat when he dies.

I will need to think about this all over again now, and more importantly, see the movie a 2nd time.

Edit Found a post on some other forum, which describes a series of events which seems plausable at this stage:

So, a theory. I think it fits with how Prometheus had been referred to as “tangential” by Lindelof or Scott, to the story of Alien.

The point of divergence being in ~90AD.

circa 1st Century AD

  • The Engineer race makes a decision to eradicate humanity for whatever reason (possibly they’re perceived as a possible future threat if they advanced sufficiently).
  • The Engineers create a bioweapon to do the job (xenomorphs).
  • The derelict found on LV-426 departs LV-223 with a payload of xenos, to eradicate humanity on Earth.
  • Something goes awry on LV-223 just after the Derelict left - all but one Engineer died, who went into stasis.
  • Things go awry on the Derelict shortly after it departs, just as they had on LV-223.
  • The Space Jockey brings the Derelict down on LV-426, or it crashes while he’s being face hugged or whatever. He’s killed by a chestburster.
  • Xeno eggs on the Derelict remain in stasis for the next 2000 years on LV-426.

2093 AD

  • The Prometheus arrives on LV-223. The crew wakes the Last Engineer.
  • The Last Engineer immediately realizes the pilot who departed for Earth 2000 years ago failed in his mission to eradicate humanity (obvious as humans are present).
  • In retrospect, given the current technological state of humanity, it wasn’t just a failure, but has now proved to be an epic failure.
  • Whatever reason they wanted to destroy humans 2000 years ago, it’s especially more urgent now
  • The eradication of humanity needs to get done, and it needs to get done yesterday.
    The Last Engineer goes into overdrive. He must ensure that absolutely no information makes it to Earth about the Engineers or any knowledge that the crew of the Prometheus has come across.
  • We see a proto-xeno and proto-facehugger because… that’s the bioweapon technology they were working on the last time any of them had worked on bioweapon technology.

2122 AD

  • The derelict is discovered by the crew of the Nostromo in 2122.

there is a red-head chick off to find the original race with a robot head…maybe this is the introduction to Lexx? without Stanley.

oh, so Prometheus is Aliens? That is the real spoiler to me…

and yeah, I too am not into Hollywood-turned videogame arcade anymore. Even (some) games matured well past that, at least if you look outside simplistic casual cartoony games or bloody casual shooters the industry pumps out to cater to those Hollywood fans…

though I’m all hyped about Wreck-it Ralph…