Spongebob Squarepants

This is really in progress and I need to know where to go next or should I stop it permanently =). So here is what I have done in 1 h:

Don’t mind that nose(because there isn’t any nose yet :])

And one question:
When I want to select couple of vertice but I don’t want to select them from the other side, so how can I do that? Is there any chance to make it “solid” so it won’t select those other vertices from the otherside?

Looks like Spongebob but if you want to make him you have to stick to some references.

And your Question about vertices… I guess you have mirror modifier enabled, so disable it or apply it and choose

your vertices.


I meant with that vertice thing this: you have a cube and when you select one vertice from one side(with B-hotkey) it selects one from other side, you know? My english is very baaad…
Oh forot to mention that that hole in my sponge isn’t a mouth. It is coming though =)

yes there is a way

next to the buttons that allow you to choose either vertice select edge or face there is a picture of a cube click it and you can only select verts you can see