Spooky Graveyard


Any way to make thumbnails?
http://andeye.dnsalias.net/goran/ghost3.png (high quality version)
This was mostly a compositing exercise.
Rendered the ghost on a different layer and added some glow before adding it to the scene, added a fog effect with the z-buffer in order to get it a bit brighter… Hope you can also see it, it looks ok on my lcd-monitor with high colourdepth…

Edit: found out that you can scale the images when posting
Edit2: But it didn’t work like I expected…:no:

Use imageshack for uploading your pictures.

Ghost looks good, but I’m mossing a lightsource. Maybe you can create an old lamp that’s put on one tombstones? The dark spots will look darker then.

What i can see looks good so far, but it looks to dark in general

i tried to adjust my monitor some time ago and i think it looks fine here. but since the average user doesn’t adjust the monitor settings, you may consider to change that slightly.
the straight transition between the gravestone and the ground is kind of annoying. else than that: great job! i’m afraid now :slight_smile:

Thanks Doggie B for the idea of having a lamp, It got me inspired so I decided to make some additions to the scene even if it was supposed to be a finished project:)