"spooky movie" or...not

i had to make a poster of some kind for my design class. i figured id do something amusing. does anyone remmember all those movies starting with “they came from” or “it came from”? they were all terrible, so here is my tribute to them, and the carrying on of the bad movie tradition.


hope i at least get someone to smile and shake their head… :wink:
took about 3 hours -modeling thru post pro.

the modeling and set is good.
however i would rework the typography completly.

stick with one typeface and try not to use any blends
or bevel effects for type. that kills typography very easy.

maybe take a look at old monster / horro cd covers and see how
the simplicity of the typography and the typefaces fit into the design.


thanks, ill remember that…
but frankly i wish i cared more about the class.
it was a small assignment any way and i got too lazy to even look up any old movies. Im working fairly hard on another project, ill start the wip soon
again thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

lol…that’s really funny…i loved the comments!