Spoon (and fork)

I made this spoon and fork cause i was like bored. It is rendered bij blender not yafray cause the result of yafray sucked. I couldn’t find/make a good chrome setting well just see it youself then.

Only spoon: http://m2h.nl/foto/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=10002&pos=0

Spoon and fork:

yafray doesn’t suck. you just don’t know how to use it :] so instead of blaming it on the software…blame yourself. because its your fault.

and blender’s internal is capable of making chrome to. but you really didn’t pull that off quite yet.

I said the results of yafray sucked. So that also means I don’t know how to work with it yes. And about the chrome as I said i just wasn’t able to make good chrome material. You could read it better next time

Well, here´s a tutorial i did last year. It was made with Wink, so you can
follow it step by step (Flash-plugin is needed to watch it…):


HTH, Olaf.

the meshs for the utensils could use some work. Specifically, the fork looks more like a spork then a fork, give it at least 4 if not 5 spikes, not 3. And they seem to just be magically floating in the air, perhaps position them so that they actually look like they are lying on the surface, with the handles touching as well. I would seriously think of going and getting a fork out of your kitchen and looking at it when you are modeling.

Everything needs work.

When you model any object observe the topology thoroughly especially an object that you are likely to see every day. Everybody uses these utensils everyday and you can see they cannot work.

As Khnum said, you seriously need decent reference to model anything well these days. I seriously doubt I could model anything accuratly off the top of my head.

Yafray is brilliant.

It was just small thing im not gonna work on it again cause the render take just too long with all the reflective materials and transparant balls


There are my references but I didn’t want to follow references so I made my own baby spoon and fork version of it so they aren’t based on reality. I hope everything is clear for you know


looks much better…

take a look at here:

it is just yafray and hdri rendering.
i also only turned on fresnel reflections.
thats all



That’s because that was the reference photo, not a rendering.

lol, well I was looking quickly, shame on me :frowning:

I don’t understand why peoples renders take so long.

I use Yafray over blenders internal render because I find it faster to do a decent render. By decent render I mean one that has GI or ambient occulusion. My hardware is also pretty dated 1.8ghz athlon + 256mb ram. I don’t use any lights because I have about 300 .hdri images, even ones with product lighting stages. I find it impossible to beleive this render took ages, longer than 2 minutes.

I find that yafrays gi with cache enabled is much faster to get decent results instead of blender internal with AO. Now that .HDRI images can be used without producing to much grain at the lack of true and correct image lighting. I don’t think there is to many reasons not to use it.

The material on your utensils has no reflectivity. Your floor is only reflective. So there is also no real chrome like material on your utensils.

Cekuhnen, that looks pretty good.

Hope that helps.