Spoon material has no edges

I run on iMac mid 2011 High Sierra and Blender 2.79. I have made a coffee mug with spoon. Spoonmaterial I use metallic , but there is not any Silver, Gold, Chrome materials so my spoone looks unclear without any edges
How can I solve that problem.

Thanks in Advance.

Reflective materials (metalic inc.) need something to reflect. If all they have around them is a gray background, then that’s the only thing they will reflect.

Thanks. Do you vant me to add one plane with wallpaper or one World-Environment HDRI as background image.

I don’t ‘want’ anything, but you can add an environment hdr, or place some light planes, or even model the entire room/space where the spoon is… If there’s something to reflect, the eyes will more naturally figure the curvature of your spoon, and it will no longer look so flat.