Spoon WIP

Hey everyone. I just started 3D modeling about 5 days ago. This is my first project. (besides some tutorials) Just looking for feedback.

Poor guy spoon:

Rich Guy Spoon:

Good for your first project. But maybe you could wither lower the Spec on the material on the floor or lower the brightness of the lamp. You are getting a nasty glare that is easy to get rid of. And maybe you could begin work on a better background but for now it looks good! Good luck!

Thank you. I changed the spec on the floor. and then i completely redid the lighting. here is how it looks now


Now that is excellent.

You need something to reflect in the spoon. Add a hdri map or an enviroment map or model something that can be reflected in the spoon. This will also get rid of the dull gray on the spoon.
Good work keep on going :slight_smile:

Look’n good for 5 days of modleing :slight_smile: