spoons and forks

this is probly the most pointless one ever:confused:

do you prefer to eat with big spoons and forks or small ones?

me personaly I like using small ones:)

Obviously you aren’t culnery expert otherwise you wouldn’t be posting this thread.

As for your answer, I have only fork that I have been using for the last 3 years +. Yep one and one only. No knifes, no spoons. Just that one fork.

So to those rich kids out there thing about think about folks like me.

Pixels waste, this thread does.
The small ones.

This sentence no verb.

As for utensils, I prefer to blast my food with a flamethrower and wipe the ash on my skin to absorb the minerals. If I feel thirsty I lick my kitchen sink and if I get scurvy I cut myself and rub orange slices on the wound to send the vitamin C directly to my bloodstream.


Thank you, for a while there I thought that I was stuck with that burden!
For me, a lot ot of times I rely on my K-Bar which is sharp enough to shave with. However, there are times when more finessed techniques are needed, like with soups and such…
Oh well, I manage to shove it my mouth any way that I can. :smiley:

pixelmass - the issue that concerns my esteemed friend Rambo187 is the size. So it is a big k-bar or small that you prefer ?

And also were you a rich kid back in the American civil war era since you are so old ?

Actually, it is about 10 inches long, maybe more.
And yes, my parents arrived here on some old wooden ship, it might have been the nina, or maybe one of the other ones…I was too young to remember. :smiley:

How do you eat soup?

My right fork is bigger than my left one and since I’m a Muslim I use the big one to eat with.

I’m forked if it’s soup.

And for the record, you drink soup.

No I don’t, I absolutely hate soup.

I am having the mania to prefer one sort of knife, fork (cake and normal one), and spoons (coffee and meal) (the pattern on it) and arguing if i get provided the “wrong” ones of four different sets distinguishabel by pattern out of the drawer if i am not myself placing the dishes etc. Even i can shoose from four different sets of dish sets. Even i eat chicken with knife and fork. But hamburgers/bread i eat just with - tada hands.

I prefer SPORK.

Small, large is cumbersome.