This could quite possibly be the best new game.
Amazing, really. I wonder how long the effect would last, but by the looks of it, it’s never ending if you can keep up.

Yeah, you know what would be even cooler? If someone had already posted this


Just with a simple search :wink:

edit - phlip beat me to it :rolleyes:

My apologies.:rolleyes:

Yea! My thread is in there!

But yea, Spore looks like it could be INCEDIBLY good.

Then it could also be crap.

I think on one gadget site they showed new coverage on spore like the new character editor. The game seemed to be coming along well.

Yea, I think its supposed to be released this year.

But they said that about Vista 2 years ago.

Wow great. germ game. When can I download it?

Something else that the church can boycott. Evolution.

I read this once, once the church condemned early dishwashers because it keeps the women from doing the work God wants them to do.

I don’t see why they have to do it to Spore, besides you don’t have to believe in evolution to play it, because anything in possible in the virtual world anyway.

The main Spore website has been updated in time for E3 2006. :slight_smile: