Sport car version of a spaceship

Well, rather then the traditional ships with the massive boddies or the guns covering 99% of the hull, i took this approach to make a civilian type spaceship. it is ment to resemble our every day cars and what they may start looking like in space.

i may need to point out that this was mainly to learn how to use the metarials and edjust there shinyness and what not. you know, to get a feel for them.

i havnt actualy done any proper texturing.


feed back would be nice

wow looks awesome for what you have right now, the design is awesome!

Do they make a convertable:)

Looks great, Is that a bi render?

its confusin lol took me some time before i went oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol keep up the good wok, wheres the break lights?

heh good question, i didnt really think about that. i will edit it some tonight and add more detail. but not too much, i will probably start a new one soon because i know what i am doing now.

I’m new to Blender and I have to say that if I can do 75% of what you just did with that space/car you designed I’ll be very pleased.
Keep up the good work!!!

thats a nice space-craft, but doesnt quite look like a car…what about the shape/wheels/etc??

Put some textures on it… Or make the edges sharpen it looks like bug mesh of blurr… molten metal.