sport shoe


i just dig my nose deep into maya and play with the nurbs tools there!
here is a sport shoe i did today.
shaders are not done yet!



looks nice, pretty plain design, and the laces attachment things look strange, but nice work.

i assume it is maya?

It’s a nice shoe. If it’s made in Maya, then shouldn’t it be on a Maya forum? a bit confused :-?

Agree, this shouldn’t turn into a multi-software forum even though
it IS nice work cekuhnen.

You could always try - it’s a multisoftware forum
for every package.

must have missed the part where it says post your BLENDER works in progress on the forum title…

i think we’ve been through this before boys - give it up and stop supressing the people who use this forum… is the 2d forum strictly GIMP?

great shoe man . let’s see some textures - not necessarily made in gimp :slight_smile:

I agree with digital slaV here.Post what you want here. Whether it’s made with Maya, LW, XSI, etc. This is an open forum. Bapsis posts stuff here done in XSI all thetime, because he is at VFS and that happens to be the app that they use there.

Obviously, he posted it to get crits on the model, not to get bashed for what app he used to do it.

Nic emodel too. The heel section seems a little odd to me. Should have a few more pices to make it look more manufactired/constructed of something. Right now it looks like you extruded a circle and it is all one piece.

The tiop pof the tongue should be rounded. Comes to too sharp of a pointy on the corners there.

The rest looks really nice. Great use of nurbs.


sweet. looks like a shoe that I have. The tongue looks too pointy though. Maybe you could round it off a little.

I like it too, but the laces look too “solid”. They are too stiff, ant look like they are standing up by themselves.

and I think i’ll have to agree with some of the others when i say the Maya-ness of this work is only a semi-controversy. someone tell me if the WIP forum or this forum in general is a Blender forum or a 3D forum, cause that’s the real issue peoples are arguing about.

hi people

thx for the comment, and yes done in maya right now as most of the future models i will do. so will i post it here since i muse maya mainly
andi like the people here.

the shoe was done in less than 3 hours so it is a rough model and maya creates some buggy nurms problems.

so i will leave it this way.



must have missed the part where it says post your BLENDER works in progress on the forum title…

Well, let’s just have all the people from CGtalk over here, and tell me you prefer that. I think “Blender only” should be presupposed when posting in a blender-specific forum. But, hey, that’s just me:/ Here’s a thought - hows about mentioning in the subjectline if you’re not using Blender, and everyone will be happy:)

So, why exactly did Jamesk leave once he got himself a brand new shiny cinema4d license? I enjoyed his work, still he left because this was a blender forum, and there are other places for other stuff, but if we didn’t have this, where else is a strictly blender place? I’m heading right over.
You know, I’m not against one or two other application posts, but I am afraid that it would start something, and others would show up, and after a while you would have to dig for blender stuff to find any.

how many people here have a maya license?

i dont think only because i post an image from time to time people from maya forum or so will flood this forum here!

i can understand your concern and yes i did not think about it, right.
but as mentioned i dont realy see a danger that thif forum will be missused even because there are more professonal forums for maya or softimage when you do serious work. (which i dont)


I would like a maya licence, :frowning:

Does it really matter what the models made with?

Its the skill its made with that matters

most people are here because of 3D not just blender. If someone posts something from another app they will get crits but not technical advise regarding the app they use since the majority here use blender. people who have moved on still post here and i’m glad to see what they learned from the community branch off into something great whether it be in blender or any other application. do you really think people don’t use other apps here? wings, nurbana, cinema 4d oh my! many people make the move to cgtalk so they can get more direct feedback. those that lock themselves in a little box are not as apt to learning new things. broaden your horizons and it will make you a better artist in the end.

on another note what do you think spawns the expansion of the blender tool set to begin with? it’s funny that with the new gui came a screen setup that looks just like 3d studio max.

also thanks for the 155k image… i’m sure all the modem people out there loved it

If you were replying to me, than you didn’t get one point of my post, which could be my bad, or else. Anyhow, the point is not that we shouldn’t look at other apps, and shouldn’t ever visit cgtalk. It’s just that elysiun is an island of blender, and that’s why I hang out here. If it was swarmed with people posting work done by other apps, I wouldn’t, I would hang out elsewhere, because I would have a whole bunch of options. However, I couldn’t find a place with a large community of blender artists, if this didn’t exist (well maybe some of the smaller sites would grow then). I don’t mind an occasional maya or max, or whatever picture here, it’s cool, but I surely hope that it won’t become the usual thing.
O well, I can always stop watching fellow blenderheads’ works, so it’s not that big of a deal :slight_smile:

BTW, yes, I don’t think that a whole lot of us use apps like cinema4d, because, it like… costs money, and that’s something many of us don’t have that much of, or else we would like… get maya, and use the tools we presently only hope to get integrated into blender.

Also as for technical stuff there is a subforum here for other software, used in combination with blender. See, there is a difference between wings and max or maya, wings is free, and it’s a polygonal modeler which could very well be used with blender.

So, the point is that if I want to find a forum about 3d software in general, where artists post their work, I can, and I do (so much for your comments about people in little boxes…), but if I want a relatively large community filled with blenderheads, I don’t have that many options, and I wouldn’t like to see the best of those disappear. This is all, occasional pictures are cool. O, and also, I’m green with envy, for I don’t have the money for a maya license! (J/k, sort of :smiley: )

One more thing, I wouldn’t like to see Cekuhnen gone, just as I hated to see Jamesk go, no matter what they use, they are blender people :slight_smile:

very well put. I also hang out around here because of blender work but I like to see occasionally a max or maya work. However, people that post blender works get more feedback here and how to improve their work more than people that don’t use blender.

i was not asking for technical advice here Erufailon.
i just was interested int the personal opinion about this quick rendering.

well i agree with you on your point and also with other users point as well.


And I haven’t brought up the topic of technical advice, I just replyed to it :slight_smile:

See, there is a difference between wings and max or maya, wings is free, and it’s a polygonal modeler which could very well be used with blender.

um just about any app could be used with blender. free has nothing to do with portability between apps.