Sport visual effects ideas.


In April I will be realizing my first big (big for me :wink: ) project. It will be a short movie of a windsurfing trip: some nice views and a little bit of action.

I was planning to use Blender for… well basically for everything: Nice intro, some vfx, …, putting it all together.

My questions to You are:

  1. What visual effect You like in sport/action movies (slow motion, super slow motion ;), time freezes, camera shifts, clones, etc.)?

  2. Maybe You have some ideas for a fun effect, but have no time to try it Yourself?

  3. I was also thinking of writing some simple addons that will make my work faster, so if You have any ideas for those, also feel free to write.

I actually never used any other (commercial) software (After Effects, Sony Vegas), so it will be quite challenging for me. On the other hand I have a fresh view on the problems and no “old habits” ;).

Thanks for reading and looking forward to Your answears.

(If You want to see some windsurfing movies, to get the idea this is a good site to start :slight_smile: )

Hi! my first idea was of droplets and water splashes time-frozen with camera panning over them…

Not an easy to realise idea, but definitely good one :). Thanks.

Yesterday I started working on a short clip to get to know Blender Sequencer a little bit. At first it was like a nightmare, but when I got used to it (and learned some shortcut keys :wink: ), it became pretty handy and easy to use. Although I already tought of a few small add-ons which can improve work-speed a little bit. Currently I am working on technique to do motion compensation. I hope I will have some results soon :wink: