Sportscar (project AVE-1)

I call this car AVE-1 (dont ask). And i would like to first tell some backgrounds for it and bit about myself at the sametime. Why? Well to give you idea at what grounds i made this.

First of all this is my second serious work on Blender (done about 5 models in total with Blender). No i am not prodigy, but i have some background on Lightwave. However this car is my first ever attempt to work with Subsurfs or anything like them (didnt work on those with LW). I have modelled somewhat with Lightwave for few years (nothing too fancy really) and learned somewhat about texturing and lighting from there.

Ok. So without further ado, let me present AVE-1 WIP:


Now there are somethings i am aware of with this model. The headlights for example look like crap. I am working on them so no need to critique them yet. Also i know that it should have a doors in it. Working on those too (having difficulties). The background however. I dont really know how to make good background for it. Is there any tuts or something about setting up backgrounds?

Anyway. Please be welcome to comment, etc…

wow i love it im the window area seem a pit odd but maybe its just the angle i would love to see a side view tho

I’ll post sideview once i get back home (at work). And yeah. The windows are propably going to get changed a lot (i dont like them really). Also the engine hood will propably get bit alteration too. Finally when i get brief moment i’ll do real tires for it. and not use those 5min tires.

Looks kinda squezed in the middle… Gonna have a hard time fitting the average American male in there. (I’m American and I have no problem saying that. It doesn’t apply to me :p)

Ok here are some more shots.

Remember that there is a lot of stuff going on with those windows. As they really look crappy.
I plan to update these pics, just overwrite the files so i wont be posting anymore pics.

There u go.

Edited … a lot. Doors, hoods, windows. One bug in the windows tho

C&C requested

And it seems that the reartire is out of place a bit. Am i doing something wrong since rendering that thing took 6min (not accustomed to that long renders). Is it normal?

it’ll get worse before it gets any better :wink:

nice ride, but i find the absense of any straight corners or edges a bit amateurish and disconcerting. more edgeloops would iron this out…

I will be uploading some new pics today. Meanwhile, could someone tell me how much is the polycount for optimal Car for game engine?

If its the only car in the game… 2,000-3,000 I usually stay around 2,500 to be safe.

good luck

Ok. Here is the final (well not quite). But wont change much.
I want to move forward with the all new knoweledge this taught me.

Here goes nuthin:

I call it finished coz i am not propably going to edit it anymore.

Too me it just seems to rounded. The last render you showed looks a bit like melted chocolate.