Spot and IPO Curve

I don’t manage to assign an IPO curve to a spot.
I used 2 ways unsuccessfully:

  • the first one is selecting the spot in object mode and pressing I to insert a keyframe but the available keyframe types are no spot relative ones but object ones (for example I don’t find the dist parameter or SpotSi…).
  • the second way is directly to create the curve uner the IPO graph view. I selecte the spot, go to IPO graph vieaw, I select Lamp as IPO type, then add New, but I got a message then telling that there is no active IPO curve.
    Could anyone explain me?
    In fact, I think I don’t understand enough the relationship between an object and an IPO Curve.



You have to select the Lamp ipo type in the ipo window header. right now it is set to Object; there are special channels in the Lamp selection.

Yes , I’ve just seen it under the IPO graph view!! Thanks.
But why, when the spot is selected under Object and then pressing the I key, don’t appear the channels relative to the lamp like Energy, ?.. Only the channels relative to an object are available;

If you want to use I-key to set keys for lamps, you have to be in the Lamp Buttons context (F5 with lamp selected). Point the mouse cursor at the Lamp panels and press I-key. However, this way you can only set keys for RGB, Energy, Spot Size, Offset, and Size [actually I don’t know what these last two mean relative to lamps–anyone?].

You can create any IPO curve in the IPO editor by selecting its name in the right-hand column, then using Ctrl-LMB to create the points on the curve. To fine-tune positions of the points, tab into “edit” mode in the IPO editor window, or use N-key to enter coordinates manually for a selected point.

Edit: Found answer to my own question above - Offset and Size refer to dXdYdZ or XYZ size of a lamp’s texture.

thanks. Is there any way put the thread as SOLVED (button ? link?). I am not able to modify my title either

Yes, edit your first post in the thread, choose “Go Advanced,” and change the title of that post.