spot halo, and objects?

I created a scene with a spot light with halo enabled, pointing at a plane (see attached image). Un-fortunately it doesn’t work. What i’m trying to achieve is the halo bouncing off a mirror, but can’t seem to do this… Help?


Halo is not a raytraced object.

any solutions?

Model your halo with a tube and apply a white blend texture with transparency.
Use some compositing for some glow if you need so.

but then a mirror won’t deflect it…


It’s not a real mirror, and it’s not real light - you need to fake it or use a more physically accurate renderer.

ok, thanks guys! I’ll work on the fake, but is there a good renderer out there I could use?

You mean a physical one? LuxRender!

how in the earth that passed by me!
I thank you from my hart ! :yes:

Oh, and by the way, to make foggy cones you need something called a “boundvolume” . The site doesn’t document them very well, but I think they simulate air.

and favorites for tutorials on that?

this is the wrong place to ask, but how do I get the blender materials to automatically be used in luxblend?

I don’t believe you can. Could be wrong though, just started using luxrender today.

Nope. You can’t. That never bothered me though.

tutorials: never found any except the ones on their site.