Spot Lamp Halo ?

i was just taking a look at some of the features in blender and i saw that when i turn on halo on a spot lamp, the halo stays a circle (or a square) and passes through mesh objects… how would you change the stop the halo at a mesh object instead of having it pass through?

i think i mightve heard somewhere that blender internal cannot do this

well in the lamp buttons right next to where it has ‘square’ and ‘halo’ you have ‘samples’ and ‘halo step’… just try bumping them up to max for test purposes and see if it casts shadows properly from your objects… if you want a softer/smoother shadow with higher res mess with ‘ShadowbufferSize’ but always keep it to the nearest multiple of 16 for instance 512 / 1024 / 2048 etc… i hope this helps

I read in one of my books something about having to use a curve surface to block the halo light.
I don’t really understand it but you might try tinkering around with it.