Spot lamps shadows jitter in cam view only


I’m new here and I’m an almost 5 days old Blender user.
I almost finished a mini-game, but a problem remains. I spent like 10 hours searching for similar problems or tutorial videos on the internet and this forum (wich seems greaaat !), but found nothing precisely similar.

The whole game is about light, colour and shadow tricks. I have two point lamps for ambiant, and many spots in order to get shadows. The problem is : when I launch the game NOT in camera view, everything seems perfect, lights and shadows are fine. But when in camera view (which is a first person view), spot lights and shadows they produce are jittering/flickering each time I move.

So I guess that the problem comes from my camera settings and not from my shadow an material settings, but I’m stuck here…
Here is a video of the problem.

Here is the 26mo .blend file. I don’t why, “P” doesn’t work anymore, so I have to press “start” on the embedded player’s render tab. “ESC” doesn’t work either because it’s assigned in the game (I let you know search where :slight_smile: ) so you have to press “Q” to quite render. The annoying camera is “1st View”, linked to the “Joueur” object.

Thanks in advance, I hope my english is understandable.

Your camera is exactly horizontal to the ground. There is a bug with that causing shadows to jitter at the moment. No I don’t know why.
The solution: point the camera up or down by 0.01 degrees and the problem will probably go away.

Astonishing ! It works ! Thanks.

I tryed ThaTimster’s FPS setup and found the camera orientation issue by myself, but I never thought it’ll be a simple bug that happens especially with the camera exactly horizontal to the ground… Must be some /0 divisions somewhere.

I began to consider to bake all of my shadows and give player’s shadow up, but your answer came at time, thanks again ! Learning baking will be for later.

I’ll post my game in the Finished games section when it’ll be totally finalized. Just some shadows-through-walls to resolve and I’m done.

this does not fix it, the best sure fire way to fix it is to roll back to 2.76, or, switch to UPBGE(not recommended for beginners). it doesnt look like this will be dealt with until 2.8, with the possible UPBGE merge (dont quote me on that, ive only heard rumors). i personally use 2.74, and dont plan on leaving anytime soon.