Spot Light aim at the object while moving

(Kenneth) #1

Is there a way for a Spot Light aims at the object while moving it to different direction?

(Daedalus_MDW) #2

trackto constraint

(Kenneth) #3

Thanks. Is there a tutorial or video I can read or watch on how to use ‘track to constraint?’

(sundialsvc4) #4

There are a number of constraints in Blender, and of course plenty of videos and other tutorials that discuss them. This constraint causes the object’s local orientation on one or more axes to “point to” the tracked object. (If the tracker is, say, a pulley that’s fastened to a shaft, it would track using some of its axes but not others.)

I’m quite sure that you’ll quickly get the hang of this with just a few minutes of experimentation. Start with the “default cube,” add a ball, and make one track the other. Then, start playing with the various options and see for yourself what they do.

Ordinarily, I parent an Empty to the object that I want to track, then cause the tracker to track that Empty. This allows me to very-precisely control where the tracker is aiming. (The empty, also, can be animated if need be.)