Spot Light changes colour inside glass - why?

I’m trying to make a sort of Knight Rider light setup - 8 red lights that blink in order. The light will pass through a volume (so you can see it) and silhouette some text.
So far I’ve got a light sort of shape, with a point light in it, and a volume. It’s starting to look like I want it to, but the actual light itself doesn’t. The first problem I have is that when I put my spot light inside a cube with a glass material, from certain angles you get this big pink circle - I have no idea what’s causing it. Any suggestions?
Also if anyone has a good idea of how to go about making the Knight Rider i’d be interested in hearing! I’m a pretty new to this.
Here are some pictures:

Is it full Cube closed
this would act as a full cube and create some refraction effect

did you try with an empty cube - thick wall for each side of the cube instead
and see what it gives

or just use volume shader for the cube and make Transp to a minimum
like creating fog inside the cube

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The pink is probably happening because the light is maxing out the color space.
You are attempting to do this with lights, but I think textures and materials would be easier. Try animating the “emission” value of the material.

I’ll attach my scene here so you can see what i’ve got. It’s a cube with a solidify modifier. I will try using the cube as another volume shader and see what that does.KnightRider_test.blend (754 KB)

or with volume spot light like this ?

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volume_spot (1).blend (568 KB)

Okay thanks i’ll try this.