Spot light Halo

Is there any way to keyframe halo int, cause i want to fade a halo spot but from what i know i can frame the energy of the light, but if i reduce the energy to cero then i got this shadows coming from the halo.

this is what i mean

halo on

energy 0

with halo int

dunno if there is any key for halo int in the ipo?


I am not sure if you have already worked this out, it stumped me for a while!

There is a haloint key in the lamps IPO window, but you cannot set it using the I key to insert a key - you have to do it manually.

So, select the lamp - and then change an IPO window to show the lamp IPO.

You will see an entry on the right hand side that say Haloint.
Select this with the Left MB, and then in the IPO curve window, CTRL and Left MB -this will insert a key.

You can then use the N key to show the properties of the key, and you can manually change it to what you need. it’s not too difficult as it is only values between 0 and 1 , and the relevasnt frame number.

Hope that points you in the right direction, I have only just got internet access back so haven’t had time to post an example.

Good Luck

Yes, there is way.
Select the spot.
Go to the materials panel
With the mouse hovering in the same panel where the energy level is, hit ‘I’ key for Insert Key.
There you will have different options from if you hit ‘I’ in the 3D panel.
Energy is one of them.


You are correct, but unfortunately it is the energy being at 0 that is causing the problem.

If a spot lamp Halo enabled, and you put the energy of the lamp to 0, you will get the effect that sogetsu25g is getting.

The only way that I know of (and I could be wrong! :wink: ) is to manually input the change onto the Haloint value in an IPO curve editor.

p.s. If anyone else knows of a way of achieving this, I would love to hear it! Thanks!

I see what you mean, yes I guess it has to be input manually.
Maybe 2.5 will have that differently.

yup that seems to work fine thanks for the help. :slight_smile: