spot light problems

hello there

I have something strange going on with spotlights. On some surfaces, they light up the object on both sides. There’s no problem with the normals and they aren’t set to doublesided. Also, I get objects that don’t cast shadows while all he others do. Like as if they would be illuminated with a normal lamp. There is also only one lamp in he scene and I’m using the same material on the different objects in the scene. What am I not seeing here? The last odd thing is that the direction of the light(where the shadows are cast etc) is completly different in the viewport than in a render. A bit like, uh, working in the dark :slight_smile:

thank’s in advance for any help!



would be easier to help if you can show some pic!

f4 set your shadow
and make certain your lamp can cast shadow too

and me be sued ray trace too

hoep it helps