Spot lighting too square :(

I’ve got a map with ~9000 faces, and a flashlight (SPOT) and it looks very gross.

How can I fix it and make it round like an actual light? (Sorry for this question, it is most likely something very obvious and simple but I have rarely worked with Spots…) :frowning:

it’s the number of faces the “shaded” object has

look here

I forgot to mention, I already know that, and the more I subdivide, the more it’s obvious that the faces are square!
It actually looks like a 5 year-old’s drawing of a sun (the edges)

so, before anything is heavily sub-divided do Edit mode, select all faces,(Extrude individual) change to manipulate based individual origins,
do scale .5 or 0, depending on the thing, try it subdivided once from here :slight_smile:

Here is a example of what I mean


Spot.blend (160 KB)

The lighting will be that sharp unless you up the number of faces. That’s because the lighting is per-vertex lighting. You can try:

  1. Subdividing the mesh, as well as
  2. changing the spotlight softness, which should make the edges less square.

For smoother lighting overall, though, you would need to use GLSL mode and a GLSL-capable graphics card (which is pretty much any graphics card you can buy over $80 that’s not integrated nowadays).

Ah yes BluePrintRandom, I see :0
@SolarLune: Where can I change the softness?

In the light settings for the spotlight, in the Spot Shape section.

Ah! It works… but it makes everything much darker. Anyway, I’m gonna upload the game in a couple minutes… the lighting isn’t THAT bad anyways, I’ll keep the original lighting!

Just for future reference there is another common technique for doing spotlights that might work with Blender’s “multi-texture” mode.

They are called ‘lightmaps’ and it involves having a texture that represents your light pattern. You use the multi-texture capability to add the light amount from your lightmap to what ever object you are pointing at. I think that you have to do some UV manipulation on the fly, and you have to be careful with UV layouts, but it has been done before.

nowadays i wouldnt use anything except glsl really. unless you want to have the game to be run on 10+ years old machines.