Spot the differences! - bottom page 2

I see what you mean Khnum, but since I’ve never watched the series this was entirely unintentional.

Changed some things so now I feel that he realy would be at home in the water.
Also used the new mirror-function and it rocks.
The seam is hardly visible so in that respect it’s even better than the mirror-function in Wings

Spent a lot of time with Blenders materials and procedurals and this is as far as got in giving him a somewhat realistic skin.
I would appreciate some help with improving the skin.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated aswell.

I think this will be my final light and material setup. Also tried some ambient occlusion.

Next I made a little scene and had to tweak the model some more to fit him in it.

I feel that I am coming close to finishing this wip.

Still some questions.

Why does a simple reflective plane bring my rendertime up from 6 minutes to 56? How can I bring the rendertime down, but still retain realistic looking water?

Is it possible to get the same ao-look with just the scanline renderer?

Why does my character look dry when rendered with yafray? How can I keep the same wet feeling in yafray?

I could also use some help on how to get a better blend with the horizon. It doesn’t look like the water runs through to the horizon.

Forgot to post my last models wires.

Any tips on how to reduce the facecount?
Personnaly I think I’ve got too many loops round the mouth, but haven’t been able to remove some of them and retain the same result.

All in all I’ll just call this one finished, pending crits of course.

If anybody is interested in the blend, just ask and I will try to post it somewhere.

Ha I’ve done it!

Spot the differences!

It took me forever, but now I’ve reduced the rendertime from 56 minutes to 2:40 minutes.