Spot The Not #001 - Can you guess which one is not real?

This is not a real contest with real prizes, but more of a fun exercise for artists who want to improve their photorealistic renders. If I posted in the wrong forum, please move it to the correct one.

SPOT THE NOT is a game where the viewers try to guess which item in the scene is not real. Besides having a little fun, the aim of these videos are to help 3D artists improve their observational skill, as well as their ability to identify why something is not looking photorealistic (and bash my renders!). Hopefully, you can apply the same principles to your own work and achieve better photorealistic renders of your own.

You can leave your answer here if you do not wish to comment in the Youtube comments section, I will feature your answers in the next video if you guess correctly.

Cheers, have fun!

Edit: Episode 002 is out now. Therefore, voting has now closed. Thanks for playing, see you in the next one! Spot The Not #002 - Can you guess which one is not real?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H

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Cool idea! I suggest adding interactive polls both here and in your Youtube video (Check poll cards), so you can gather good statistics :slight_smile:


All of them look quite real/convincing! I suspect the cup E. Something “feels” wrong about that.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Sadly, I can only fit 5 choices for the poll on YouTube. Maybe in another video!

All of them looks fake! :joy:

Yeah, definitely a cool idea.
I went with C.
Towards the top, just under the rim is some "lip were (??) or washing scrub marks " similar to A but C looks to be a metal cup and i would expect the rim to have scuff and were in the same area.

Thanks for participating, I saw your comments on Youtube as well. Appreciate the support! Stay tuned for the next episode, probably ready during this weekend!

That’s one way to get the correct answer, lol!

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I guessed A.

Looks like I got it! I saw the lack of reflection too, so that’s why I chose that one.

For those who just come across this and are wondering where the answers were, it is in the next video (#002). It took me a few minutes to realise that’s where they were.

Well done!