Spot The Not #002 - Can you guess which one is not real?

This is a follow up to the previous episode’s game from here: Spot The Not #001 - Can you guess which one is not real?

If you played the previous one, it’s time to check out if you’ve made the correct guess!

Also, can you spot the not in this episode’s scene? :sunglasses:

SPOT THE NOT is a game where the viewers try to guess which item in the scene is not real. Besides having a little fun, the aim of these videos are to help 3D artists improve their observational skill, as well as their ability to identify why something is not looking photorealistic (and bash my renders!). Hopefully, you can apply the same principles to your own work and achieve better photorealistic renders of your own.

You can leave your answer here if you do not wish to comment in the Youtube comments section, I will feature your answers in the next video if you guess correctly.

Edit: Episode 003 is out now. Therefore, voting has now closed. Thanks for playing, see you in the next one! :point_right: Spot The Not #003 - Can you guess which toy crystal is not real?

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First let me tell you you’re a monster. Those are impressing real footage and CG mixes!

I’d like to see a higher resolution of these though, the artifacts make it hard to spot the inconsistencies. Analyzing the images requires looking at fine details, and in something this blurry I can bare make them out. :confused: My guess:



It sits way too snugly on the ground, there’s barely any unevenness on the face touching the ground. You can’t see a darker core shadow underneath it like the ones under the yellow or the farthest wooden cubes.

It also seems to be casting and receiving sharper shadows. I can’t tell for sure because it’s so blurry, but that’s what it looks like from certain angles.

If you ever sanded some wood edges you’ll also know how hard it can be to get an even radius across an edge. Look at the vertices of closest vertical edge of the yellow block, how the radius changes from the bottom to top. Unlike it the green block has a more even radius across all rounded edges.

Lastly I feel the green block is a bit deficient in color reflections. I’d expect to see an extra touch of red (orange?) reflected on it because it’s complimentary to green, making any mixing more likely to pop out. Yet the shadows on this area are pretty much green + black.

Fun game and really impressive shots!


To me it is the A because it misses the lighter shadow that comes toward the camera.


Yes, i agree, my video recording device yields very low quality compressed videos. I need to get a better video camera. It is also a challenge for me to track these videos lol!

Thanks for the comprehensive and detailed answer!

Thanks for playing. Stay tuned next week!