Spot The Not #003 - Can you guess which toy crystal is not real?

EDIT: Next episode here: Spot The Not #004 - Can you guess which egg is not real?

This is a follow up to the previous episode’s game from here: Spot The Not #002 - Can you guess which one is not real?

If you played the previous one, it’s time to check out if you’ve made the correct guess!

Also, can you spot the not in this episode’s scene? :sunglasses:

SPOT THE NOT is a game where the viewers try to guess which item in the scene is not real. Besides having a little fun, the aim of these videos are to help 3D artists improve their observational skill, as well as their ability to identify why something is not looking photorealistic (and bash my renders!). Hopefully, you can apply the same principles to your own work and achieve better photorealistic renders of your own.

You can leave your answer here if you do not wish to comment in the Youtube comments section, I will feature your answers in the next video if you guess correctly.

  • A - Diamond
  • B - Cherry
  • C - Heart
  • D - Butterfly
  • E - Star

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C because of the flickering in the shadow and the reflection. There is also a lack of places for screws on the inner part of the see though plastic seen in all the rest. Making see through things is super hard to make photo real. You did a great job.

i think its tha hart … there is a reflection under … the others dont have it !!!

You are very good at this @KenLiang (: It’s hard to differenciate really.

My guess

I vote for C, shadow right below the object is slightly brighter and looks odd to me.

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i’ll go with C. When the camera is on the right (1:53-1:59 for example) if you look at the top right of the heart, the outer shell looks to be clear not tinted. There are some other things about it, but if it is real they could be chaulked up as imperfections in the molding process of the plastic, aside from the odd shadowing, which could be youtube compression .

I pick C because all other crystal has imperfect shiny white dots which is natural and the heart just like the same but the number of detail is very less when compared to others maybe he doesn’t want to overdo details which is good and the shadows look less realistic compared to others.

Wow! It is really difficult to tell which one is the not real one! I will go for the C, maybe I’m biased by the other answers, but looks like it has a slightly sharper reflection/shadow under it.

Anyhow, outstanding!