SpotLight not working in Blender game, help ;-;

I’ve been familiar to blender render for around 2 years now and decided to journey further into blender’s features. I have a tiny grasp on blender game and this might be why I’m having this problem. I decided to make a game where a player walks around with a flashlight, (I have not thought of an objective yet). I managed to add motion to the player, with my keyboard and mouse, although the flashlight is not coming along as smooth.

The problem? The spotlight refuses to light up the area, although any other light source can (Point, Sun, Hemi, and Area work fine). I have tried running the game in both multitexture and GLSL mode to find very different results.

-Everything is black (regardless if energy setting is 10,000 or 0)

-Everything is white (also regardless if energy setting is 10,000 or 0)

I installed a fresh copy of blender 2.73. My objects have materials on them, no textures though. I would just like to get the spotlight working, any help is appreciated:D

Wow, first time hear that problem. Well - I guess it is your GPU, system, Blender install bug or even small Blender bug.

It sounds like you’re running the game in ‘solid’ shading instead of ‘textured’ shading.

Try hitting alt+z before running the game.

I opened the file in the newest blender version, 2.75. Unfortunately I get the same results

Thanks a ton mate :smiley:
This was quite annoying but its all good now, thanks a million :DDD