Spotlight quit working

I am using the spotlight to project a pattern on a character to simulate structured light. When I first run the program after some edits today, the pattern wasn’t present. It appears a Blender problem because when I run a .blend file that I know worked, it doesn’t.

I’ve tried comparing settings and the Python file. It wasn’t working with the known good Blender file.

I’ve tried a clean re-install of Blender (deleting confings, etc). It didn’t work.

I assume that I have found a bug. Has anybody else seen this?

Or, if it isn’t a bug, does anybody know a fix.

I’m going to continue trouble shooting and report back.

Where’s your .blend file? What do you mean, a pattern? Is it an image texture? A generated texture? Don’t make us guess what the solution might be when you haven’t even shown us the problem. Post your file to and share the link here. Everyone assumes they’ve found a bug and then skips the vital step of letting people look to see what might have just been done wrong.

The project is proprietary and I cannot post it.

The pattern is an .png file with alpha enabled. It was imported using ‘Import Images as Planes.’ It has worked for several months. As far as I can tell, nothing to do with the pattern or the light source has changed.

As I had stated, to troubleshoot the problem, I went back to a previous version of the program and verified item by item. Then ran the old program which had previously worked and it no longer works.

I have no reasonable non-bug explanation for why a working program would stop a function for all files except a modification to the configuration files or settings or a bug. Restoring Blender to the default settings with a clean install should have eliminated the former.

When I can get back to it, I am going to try a non-proprietary pattern with the basic cube and see if it works. If it does, then I will know that I don’t have a bug, per se. If it doesn’t work, I will post the .blend file.

The slide had disappeared from the folder. Since I hadn’t been in that folder, I can only assume that it is an undocumented feature of Windows 7. While there are still problems, this issue is closed.