Spotlight Shape

is there any way to to make a spotlight have a different shape? just curious, need a rectangle…square is inadequate :spin:

Could you use a ‘letterbox’ texture to make your square light rectangular?

Yup, sure can. Just take a little tweaking with the texture.


whats a letterbox texture?

Made it really quick in gimp to see if it would work.


oooh thats quite clever, thanks

Any texture will work if you try. The letterbox I did at 1.000 0.350 1.000 for the xyz sizing.


Wait, so do you mind if I ask why you needed a rectangular light?

im making a projector in my scene, cause i only recently realized that i could add txtres to lights, so decided to mess around with it

Neat! Thats actually a pretty neat idea.

Good luck.

You can also use a cookie cutter technique. Meaning you create a plane with a hole in the shape you need and place that in front of the light. This of course only works if the cookie cutter is outside of the cameras view.