Spotting Drone

hey guys, my latest work, a spotting drone little larger than a plasma ball…

eh, what else can i say.



im thinking of putting a squadron of these into a space scene with a planet and maybe a ship…if i didnt take so long to render. oh well, i will anyway.

blah blah blah blah
you get the idea


How long did that take to render, it dosent look that bad.

25 mins, it seems even longer when you have nothing to do but sit and watch the screen slowly peice together and image ever so sloooowlyyyyy…
glad that it dosent look that bad :slight_smile:

25 minuts! :eek:really? I dont see how it could to take that long. is your computer slow or am I missing some fancy shadeing you have on those.
also I just realized what your name said. I had skimmed over quickly and thought is was some wierd japanies thing and have been reading it that way for months (wow Im dense:o)

lol, the render time could just be because of the planet, which is actally quite detailed if you get up close

and yeah, my name is- i-like-to-say-blah :smiley:

Umm, Blah, where on good terms right? You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? :slight_smile: Its not the greatest thing ive seen. First, way too much spec. Secondly, i know your learning but its something most of us could cough up in 2 mins and probably make it 5 times better and thats not an exaggeration. No offence. But at least your using subsurf now, my little apprentice. LOL

yea, i know this is the most simple thing ever! but it would be quite nice just to have several if i want to make an image involving drones.

if anybody wants i will post up the .blend file.

Well if u want to make an image involvling drones, have you thought about animating them using array and paths? Something like that could be interesting. ATM, i don’t know y in hell your getting 25 min renders. Tell me your comp specs.

this is the power of arrays use them wisly and you shall be rewarded.:cool:

yeah this took 15minuts to make and 2 minutes to render and thats still under your render time. theres some thing worng with your computer or the settings you have been useing if you can fix it im sure you’ll make much faster progress in your blender studies.:smiley: