Spox (WIP)

Ok, this is a post about a new game i’ve just started working on. The name is spox (yeah, dodgey name so any suggestions welcome).
So far I have a sample enemy, a health bar, a simple inventory, a point system and a character with most animations. I have no terrain or levels yet as I want to get the basic gameplay and menu’s finished first.
Its 3rd person.:stuck_out_tongue:
Umm, yeah thats it so far. I’ll keep evryone posted of progress and any C&C warmly welcome.



very nice.

maybe send me the blend file so i can check it out

:DSure, and thx for the comment. Ill send the testing blend file with most of the features so far. Your help with it would be AMAZINGLY appreciated. Ill get back to you with any new ideas. Thx again

Sorry, the .blend is to big :mad:
But ill keep you posted on the progress and possibly add some new screens soon. Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here we go,

Check it out. Any C&C welcome.

Heres the link:


How’s it too big?

how is it too big

Use www.mediafire.com, they have a 10MB limit

It’s 100 mb =P

it’s 2gb isnt?

lol i meant too big as an attachment. i added it on mediafire

Link removed

No WIP thread is complete without at least some criticism. :eyebrowlift: The word SPOX in your main menu should be colorful and stand out more. Sorry, that’s the most hurtful criticism I could come up with on short notice, but I’ll let you know when I have some more.:evilgrin:

lol, thx =)
Ill work on it

Here’s some more crits.

  • Make the diamond something other than a diamond… it’s too unoriginal (like rupees that’s 100% original on NINTENDO’S part.) Come up with your own currency. It CoL I’m using Crystal as currencies.
  • Make the currency icon transparent
  • I think your menu could use a lot of work, the pose that your char is in isn’t natural and “fun” enough
  • I think you should ditch the rock texture as the buttons, it’s just not working…
  • The inventory looks good! Usually I wouldn’t go for that kind of texture, but for your style game I think it looks very fun! (like Kirby!)
  • I think it would look really cool if your HP bar was animated to look like active plasma. Like swirling around in a tube.

Those weren’t all negative were they? I’m just trying to give you some advice to make more “eye” candy!

OMG! Thanks heaps! Ill get straight on it and put an update up in the near future. Yer i admit the char isnt that fun =(, and im not sure y i used the rock textures. Im gonna work on it more now. About the currency, thanks for that and ill change it.
Please any more constructive critisism welocome.
thanks again.
update coming soon.

It seems like I’m the only one having issues with this. But Blender reports the following files as missing:

Image "arialbd.tga" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/Textures/arialbd.tga 
Image "Game Over.JPG" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Game Over.JPG 
Image "Gem.jpg" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Gem.jpg 
Image "Health Bar.JPG" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Health Bar.JPG 
Image "Instructions Button.J" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Instructions Button.JPG 
Image "Invent.jpg" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Invent.jpg 
Image "key.jpg.001" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/key.jpg 
Image "Loading Screen.JPG" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Loading Screen.JPG 
Image "Play Button.JPG" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Play Button.JPG 
Image "Quit Button.jpg" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Quit Button.jpg 
Image "Spox Title.jpg" F:/Blender/Blender 2.46/NOname/Spox Title.jpg 

I’m running Blender 2.46 and Ubuntu 8.04.1 Hardy Heron.

Ah sorry about that. Ill get on it right away