Spray as in sketchup?

Is there a script that performs the functions of the spray of sketchup?

The sketchup spray distributes object instances, such as trees, rocks, etc…


try randomize loc rot scale, it’s included in blender (2.4x)

Yes, but randomice only produces changes, rotation, scale and translation but spray distributes the objects on the surface of a mesh and works similar to vray proxy.

maybe this?:

Thank Eclectiel, this is I want but I need it in writing because I dont know the english language and I can not see well the video.

Are these steps in the blender manual?

For this I’m not sure the exact part in the manual but I would check it under the title: “Effects and Physical Simulation”, the subject “Particles”.

Perfect Eclectiel:

I made it. It’s really easy and it was there, without plugin.

The video is very good.

Thank you.

Now I realize that’s just paint particle function assigning an object or a group that actually instantiates the object or group.

If the object is a tree, for example, geometry increases at the scene and eats RAM.

Do you know if blender has a mechanism similar to vray proxy for easy handling of these situations?


Particles is really not my strength, I could not guide you well enough. The developer of most of the particles system has a blog with its progress for particles in 2.5. I think there was something about objects instantiation, but I’m not quite sure: