A quick simple spray paint-can.Yup with a funny label.Well, I have moved to Colorado and for 2 months I have been looking for work without any luck.So the past week I have been working on a demo reel/presentation for a graphic design job at a small media productions company in the area (they make t-shirts,banners,posters,stickers,hats ect.) I wanted to design some basic product 3d models and illustrate them with my own labels(like a soda can,bottle,spraypaint ect.) illustrating that I am able to create product labels, And I wanted to share the spray can which I think is funny.

I’m not sure if I should submit this one with the witty label¿Or should I remake the label into a parody of an actual spray paint brand?Whats your opinion?

Cool idea, and the result is okay. Your texture is too low res, and the layout on the can probably has too many different fonts, and also messy layout. Prespective would be ‘Perspective’ BTW.

Looks pretty good…I would only have one shadow though, haveing multiple is rather distracting.
Just in case you don’t know how to turn of shadows simply deselect the ‘ray shadow’ button.

for soft shadows simply up the ‘soft size’ and make sure your samples are above one. more samples = less grain but more time.

Thanks for the feedback guys :]

William: I accidentally scaled the image when saving, So it gave the image that low-res stretched pixel look .The texture is at 2000x1258 .There are only 2 font’s being used besides the (Net WT.) writing at the bottom.The fonts looked different probably from the writing being scaled and positioned ect. I fixed that by making them all the same size. And the layout I kind of aligned a bit more together.I followed the layout from a can of RUST-OLEUM spray paint, It does remind me of a magazine layout for some reason :stuck_out_tongue: .Oh and fixed that misspelled word. Thanks a ton for the feedback.

tcrazy:Thanks I new to change the softsize but I never got it to work becuase I didn’t change the samples from 1 :stuck_out_tongue: And you are definitly correct about the shadows being distracting.So I toned it down.Thank you :]

Looks good. You have any plans for it other than just this image? Could easily be a prop or you could make a simple environment for it.