Spread Objects

I made a small add-on for blender. It spreads the selected objects on an evenly spaced grid. I needed it to automate a task and I thought some people might find it useful Get it for free from :

can it un-spread ?

No, but you can change pivot point and enable “Only Locations”, then try to scale down everything selected.
Also you can use Alt+G to put everything back at the origin

This is great! Since the rock generator places multiple rocks at the same xyz coords, this makes life that much easier.

Thank you!

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Glad it could help!

Thanks for this handy add-on! A couple of ideas for optional behaviours - maybe they could be implemented in the Adjust Last Operation… menu [F9]:

  • spread group centered to the world origin instead of spreading just in the positive XY quadrant (…okay, can be quickly done via Selection to Cursor (Keep Offset))
  • switch spread planes: XY, XZ, YZ (yes, this can be done manually right after the operation of course - so, just for convenience again)
  • adjust the gap between objects → example scenario: having a bunch of boxes will have them sit flush to each other - when using physics, this can trigger some unwanted collision behaviour, so being able to increase the gap would help. In other scenarios, decreasing the gap might be helpful as well.
  • spread in 3D, in a cubic grid :wink:



Is it possible to decrease/affect the spread some how? I’m using it to spread car parts but they’re spread out a bit too far.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
There is no option to do it manually, but you can set pivot point to active point or 3D cursor and enable “Only origins” and then scale down with all the objects selected to make them closer