Spring butterflies fly into the fragrant summer (Clay material)

Hi everyone, Glad to share my new creation:
Spring butterflies fly into the fragrant summer (Clay material)
Most models are dynamic sculpt, without UV, hair and background sculpting use Blender’s curve shaping,I want to try to make a color version using vertex color.
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Blender 2.83~2.9 Cycles Render
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At last—
I really hope that Blender can support the function of light exclusion, because this is really needed.


Seaway, your modeling is incredible. I love your artwork!

Very glad you like my work :grinning:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

This is very happy news, thanks :slight_smile:

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Very good quality, good job

Depending on what you need, this video might be helpful for you.

That is, very simply, a pleasing arrangement, start to finish. I particularly like the way that it presents itself both as “a sculpture” and as “a living person/spirit within that sculpture.” Your attention is immediately taken to, and then back to, exactly the place where it should be: her eyes. Small, asymmetrical details like the vine above her head and the leaf on her right shoulder, and the unexpected mettalic object on or beside her left arm, all work together to produce a very interesting composition – masterfully rendered.

thank you very much :laughing:

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Glad you like her,There are still many shortcomings in the Clay version, which I will improve in the final color version.

This is overall very beautiful and masterful work.
I only see one issue with the sculpt which I think should be addressed. I am sure you are aware the cloth wrinkles around chest area are a bit unnatural and should be addressed some more (so it is on par with the rest).

Amazing work, stunning craftmanship, beast of a composition… Super rad stuff!!!