Spring Cleaning - Ray & Clovis

If you haven’t seen it, here’s our latest short from Theory Animation starring Ray & Clovis.

Ray & Clovis is an action-packed comedy series starring Ray a guitar-playing, hopeless-dreamer and Clovis his incredibly cheerful, yet endlessly frustrating roommate.


That’s pretty good! Any of it done in blender? How long did it take to make this?

Oh! thats a good one. funnest post i have ever read.
Nice animation

Wow that’s a great animation and funny story! I like the personality of the characters very much and their facial expressions and small details like Clovis bumping into the cupboard when riding his cleaning bot. I hope I can make such nice animations one day.
Liked and subscribed =)

Very funny, nice one.

Theory Animation uses Blender and Cycles for all of that.

Wow, fun and high-level, great job!