Spring Constraint Patch


Hi!Anyone knows how to request to the develop team to put this patch to trunk?

i would check the module owners. wiki user discussion or irc.

Huh, didn’t know there was one on the patch tracker. I was messing with it a while back and had to pull the code out of a patch that also had the mesh cache modifier in it.

But… when I was playing with it there were some problems that would have to be fixed before it could go into trunk. Unfortunately I don’t remember what the problems were and I didn’t get around to fixing them all (though IIRC I did fix a couple, probably should merge those into the version on the tracker) – iirc the worst one was something about the animation cache not getting properly initialized, corrupted or something along those lines at the beginning of a loop animation that would cause the tail bone to go all wonky. Or maybe it was when you first add a bone to the chain, dunno?

Anyhoo, it needs more testing…

I want to use this Spring Constraint but how? Help me please!!

Hello harris, good work you did there. I would also be also interested in this Spring Contraint.

One thing to know about sending the code is that a module owner will have to accept it so can be merged to trunk. I would recommend to contact a person that will review your work (see Modifiers list) and give you guidelines.

For any other information you could drop by the IRC channel since is the heart of the development team.

should i recovered the source code of blender and add the Spring Constraint and compile?