Spring is coming

(pixl) #1

My latest blender illustration :

(Compsense) #2

How cool! I love the style, it’s really cute. I like how you handled the lighting. Lovely work :)

(enenra) #3

Would love to play a game with this artstyle

(BigBlend) #4

You’re not nice pixl. This beautiful image is to small to have as a desktop background. :slight_smile:

(pixl) #5

Here is the full HD version :

I’m working on a small animation in this environment

(BigBlend) #6

Thanks for the background. Can’t wait to see the animation.

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #7

Animation? In this style? :DYay! Really can’t wait. I think we haven’t this style project yet and moreover the animation! :wink:

(pixl) #8

OpenGL render of the fawn/deer :

(pixl) #9

I think I have to post next video in the animation section…

(pixl) #10

You can follow my work in progress here : https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?415594-Spring-is-coming&p=3150499#post3150499

(pixl) #11

Finally, the animation rendered :

(Tellurian) #12

The style of the characters and the environment is really beautiful and this animation is very impressive!

(pixl) #13

Thank’s Tellurian! The animation is not so impressive, very simple indeed! Just to test some blender’s animation features such as bendy bones for tails and soft body for rabbit ears!

(Lianam) #14

I really love this scene. :slight_smile:

(scifieric) #15

That’s adorable!

(pixl) #16

Thank’s guy! I will do other scene with this kinds of animal / environment

(threedslider) #17

great style and good one for your work.

(pali12345) #18

this is special! *****

(pixl) #19

Thank’s! For my next project I will post in the wip section

(ItalianJoy) #20

This is such a cute style. I would love to know more about the lighting and materials.