Spring open game platform Windows, Linux version's

If you are a fan of real time strategy, you will really like this!!!

They just did a fresh new release, and it really is looking sweet!

This is not just one game, It is a platform for many other games:
Gundam, Kernel Panic, Evolution, Spring: 1944, and Simbase

It will also run Mods from the classic game Total Annihilation! :
Balanced Annihilation or XTA

Dont worry! you wont have to go all over the internet to find all the above listed mods, the Spring installer will let you select some/all of them , and automatically go and get them for you :smiley:

Dude you keep changing your avatar!

Makes my head spin!!:evilgrin:

(I know that was the point the whole time though…:p)

Anyways, cool project.:eyebrowlift:

Yea, I am going through an identity crisis. Soon I shall find the perfect avitar :smiley:

Just got to play my first game! MAN!!! look in the setup options, and turn it on to advanced mode… under the video options there is a tickbox for Dual Monitor mode!
My entire desktop was in an epic battle in dual 1680x1050 goodness VS evil!

I went ahead and got all the mods, it only took me about 45 minuets of downloading.
Hope I can learn all teh controls , so I can play online with it tonight, it looks like there is quite a lot of people who play this online :smiley:

I wonder when you can start to battle in destructable cities, then I can see where it would be worth downloading.

well, no buildings that I have seen yet, but all the Foliage is destroyable… you can even start forest fires :smiley:

Perhaps we should make a mod where there are city’s like you are thinking about.

Ah, I thought you had a perfect avatar already! (The red square with your name on it :D)

Although the green one kind of threw me…talk about wonky. That threw me for a loop!

I just have to say the city is one of my favorite environments to wreak havok in RTS games, destroying cars, buildings, street lamps, billboards and all that.

Anyone know how to go about installing it in Fedora? I just had a quick go (using the standard instructions from the wiki), and apparently was missing dependencies. I did try installing the things it said about for… Ubuntu, was it? But they were all either not found or already installed.

If no one here helps me, I’ll probably take a better look later, but right now I just can’t manage the concentration.