Here is my first try with some nature stuff :wink:
I used with this image Fiber and LSystem scripts. Clouds are from photo.


looking good, I love that L-system script.

I would suggest trying to improve the density of the grass, the blad spot is detracting from the image.

And make yourself some 3D clouds! :slight_smile:


For a minute there I thought it was going to be a metal spring - but anyone could model a metal spring. Good work!


And I like the way Blender (and its companions) goes. Yes yes.

Very nice, I’d have chosen a different leaf style, but that’s just a personal preference. The flowers are very nice. How long did that take to render? I’ve tried doing some stuff like that with grass, but it goes so slow I gave up.


Without DOF it was about 1 minute at 800x600 on Athlon 2400+ XP.
With “mblur” for DOF effect, AA 16 and 3000x2000 it was about half hour.
Blender is faaast :wink:

This is great! The water is great. The patch of bare dirt could be dealt with differently but it’s a detail.

I love it, and I’m going to play w/ those py scripts. BTW: Did you generate the dandilion w/ one of these scripts?

…woW :o

BTW: Did you generate the dandilion w/ one of these scripts?

No, flowers are modelled by me.

Grzegorz: the flowers are great.

It just occurred to me that you may try to blur your material-photo for your sky… since the viewer assumes that the focus is on the midlle range, that may even add to the realism (although you may have already tried, and maybe it doesn’t add anything). What do I know?.. It’s your baby, a beautiful one at it.