Spring's Fury

Many many thanks to all those that gave feedback to get me this far. Even though it’s finished, I appreciate any suggestions for future storm scenes.
Thanks! :eyebrowlift2:

I think lightning is way too smooth. It should be splitting into smaller ones.

Maybe the sky is a little bit too black? There should be some clouds IMO. Also, it appears that the lighting has struck the house (the planks flying through the air) but it doesn’t look like a lighting. A lighting would create a big explosion. If this tree is destroyed that much, I don’t think a shed made from planks would do better.

Still, a nice render. Did you use volumetrics for the dust and tornado?

Thank you very much for the feedback and the link, Akira. The lightning was supposed to look like it was behind the barn but I see what you mean. It does look like it’s striking the barn but without the dramatic impact. I did use a smoke sim for both the tornado and dust so it took quite a while to render.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment.


I agree that there could be some clouds in the background, or something else. It seems like a black void now, though if it is pitch black night on an open field, then one would not see much.

Wishing I can make as neat artwork soon with Blender (hint: it will take a while, started learning this year). Great job!